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How do I use the google shopping cart?

  1. Brows the items that you are looking for
  2. If the product is available you will see on the left a “buy now” button
  3. When you click it this item will apper in your shopping cart (on the right-top corner)
  4. You can add all the products that you want
  5. When you have all the products that you want, go to the shopping cart and in the bottom-left you will see a button “Buy with”
  6. You will redirect to your google wallet
Note: you need to have a google wallet account to purchase a product online, if you don’t have one you can create one or make your order by phone

What can I do if I have problems with my shopping cart:?

Normally the problems with the shopping car are these ones:
  • You are using an old browser (ex: internet explorer 5.1)
  • The master clock on your computer is not set correctly
  • You have a firewall that block the shopping cart
  • You need to install some complements
  • You need to enable the complements that the browser is asking for

How do I know that this website is secure?

You can see that the only form to buy products online is for google wallet, a recognized application.

Also you can check that our website is from our company looking the owner of the domain here .

Or you can call us to validate.


What I need to do if an item of my order is missing?

call us 1-800-730-0901 or send us an email to sales@indexcomputer.com

Indexcomputer accept orders by email or fax?

yes we do, you can send us the part number that you are looking for a the email sales@indexcomputer.com or by fax (954-484-8554)

Are the prices negotiable?

Yes, most of the time prices are negotiable, depending on the part.

What payment methods does indexcomputer accept?

  • google wallet
  • Visa
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • COD
  • PayPal
  • Cash

How long does it take to process an order?

1 – 2 business days


I will get a specific serial number of a product?

Yes each part shipped will have a unique serial number.

Certfication & Verification

Through our Damage Prevention & Detection program parts are scrutinized for damages and defects. They are also verified for compliance with manufacturer speficicatiuns. Parts that don't pass quality control are not inventoried and therefore are not available for sale.

How can I obtain a quote for a product?

Call us 1-800-730-0901 or email sales@indexcomputer.com

How do I request a Repair?

Contact us via email or phone with your repair question


How do I get my tracking number?

Phone or contact customerservice@indexcomputer.com

How can I check my order/shipping status After I submit it?

confirmation email will be sent or contact us

I received the wrong Item, what can I do?

Contact us and we will send a correct replacement or credit.

What can I do if my package show delivered but I never received?

Contact us and we will resolve the issue with the shipping company.


What is the return policy for indeccomputer.com?

30 days warranty

What is the 30 day guarantee?

Parts that are bought through the website come with the 30 day guarantee, based on a usage in normal and reasonable conditions.

What ‘s covered under the warranty?

replacement or a credit

Over 120 brands and manufacturers in Index' inventory, amongst which there is:

repacement parts for  ACER  repacement parts for  TOSHIBA repacement parts for  APPLE repacement parts for  SONY repacement parts for  IBM repacement parts for  LENOVO repacement parts for  DELL  repacement parts for  COMPAQ repacement parts for  HP    repacement parts for  GATWAY repacement parts for  GATWAY INTEL  repacement parts INTEL AMD  repacement parts AMD SEAGATE repacement parts SEAGATE HITACHI repacement parts HITACHI FUJITSU repacement parts FUJITSU western-digital repacement parts western-digital sandisk repacement parts sandisk SEAGATE repacement parts Linksys LEXMARK repacement parts LEXMARK EPSON repacement parts EPSON XEROX  repacement parts XEROX APC repacement parts APC CISCO repacement parts CISCO 3COM repacement parts 3COM BELKIN repacement parts BELKIN netgear repacement parts netgear
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